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Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed is our pre-school group for all carers of little ones. We meet every week on Tuesday 9.30 - 11.45 for stories, songs and snacks!

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Our Story

Yes, we are a Church Toddler group, and Yes, we share Bible stories,(because they are the best stories!)  through art, song, and of course wonderful storytelling (we like to think after 10 years, we are good at story telling!). We believe a firm foundation in Christian values is a good thing to share with our children, as its only learning these values, that give us an informed choice to believe or reject them as adults!  


Too many adults don't know exactly what wonderful promises they are rejecting when they ignore the all the benefits that a strong faith deliver to us.  We feel passionate enough to share this with our grown ups and toddlers and we have faith that a good grounding will help guide us through the challenges life throws at us.  We are gratified to learn that so much recent post Covid research has shared that a faith helps improve mental health and well being.   All we do is seek to share that with young familes and of course Mustard Seeds of all ages. We do welcome all ages, if you are a grandparent missing your grandchildren, you are more than welcome to come along and enjoy all age fun.     Our little ones are always fun and we are grateful for the help.


We supply drinks, snacks, warms space awith no regular fees.  We just ask a donation to support our Church expenses, only if you have enjoyed our weekly sessions.  We never turn anyone away, all are welcome.  Why not taste and see!   Did I say, we always have the best cakes in town!


Why not visit Mustard Seeds Every Tuesday at St. Leonards, no need to book, just show up and bring along a friend.   We run from 9.30 to 11.45.  "


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