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St Nicholas' Church, Britwell Salome

There has been a church in Britwell Salome since 1234, and it has been regularly used for Anglican worship since 1865. A yew tree in the churchyard, estimated to have been a hundred years old when Alfred was battling with the invading Danes, suggests that a church stood in Britwell Salome long before 1234. The Church is open 24/7 and is often visited by tourists and walkers due to its location and history. Situated on the edge of the village overlooking fields, it is a place of peace and reflection. They are especially supportive of church fund-raising activities, which include an annual plant sale, pop quiz and harvest supper. There are larger, more ambitious biennial fund-raisers, such as Britwell’s Last Night of the Proms, Open Gardens and Scarecrow Day and Art and Artefacts Show to name but a few. These events raise substantial funds, which pay our Parish Share and go towards the upkeep of our beautiful historic church.

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